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How does MySugarDaddy work?

Our sugar dating platform is simple, intuitive and easy to use. It will take you less than 5 minutes to create an account. First, check the box that corresponds to your role in a sugar relationship. If you are a male, it means you will be the sugar daddy, if you are a female, sugar baby.

Then, choose between signing up with Facebook (we will never post anything in your timeline!) or your email address. If you choose the latter, you will need to create a safe password, an original username and inform your location and date of birth.

After completing these two steps, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. Please make sure to check your spam folder in case you do not hear from us within 30 minutes. The confirmation link will take you back to our dating website, where you can complete your profile.

The more effort you put into creating a representative, interesting profile, the more likely you are to find a suitable sugar daddy or sugar baby. There, you’ll be asked about your profession, hobbies and, most importantly, what you expect from a sugar relationship. Be sure to be real about your answers and to write a friendly welcome message that makes your intentions and expectations clear so that you do not have to waste time with people who are not compatible with you.

Once your welcome message and profile photo (or photos) are approved by our verification team – which is there to make sure our dating website is free from fake profiles, scammers and sex workers –, you are ready to go and the images you uploaded will be visible on your profile. You will be able to browse profiles, send kisses and ask users questions FOR FREE!

Is MySugarDaddy free?

Registration, which we described above, is free, as well as most functions. Here is what you can do for free on our dating website:

In order to start a chat with someone, one of you has to unblock the other. To do so, one of you has to have bought credits or be a VIP member. Since June 2020 it is possible to not only exchange messages and photos, but also have video calls with them!

The advantage of a built-in video chat feature, which most sugar dating sites do not have, is that you can get to know the other person much better without having to leave the platform and giving them your phone number or revealing your full name or nickname on social media. This way, you can be absolutely sure that your privacy is safe.

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy (SD) is a successful man who is engaged or interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with a usually much younger woman. He is willing and happy to grant her every wish, mentor her and treat her like a princess on every date and interaction in exchange for her company and attention.

Most sugar daddies are businessmen who are too busy working to pursuit and maintain a romantic relationship. Nevertheless, they feel lonely in their free time and wish for company at business lunches, fundraisers, gala dinners, business trips and vacations. Therefore, having someone they can always count on to accompany them, such as a sugar baby, is a logical thing, as sugar relationships are much more simple and straightforward than traditional ones.

Who can be a sugar daddy?

Any man above 18 years of age who has enough money to provide a woman with a luxurious lifestyle in exchange for her company and the happiness she brings into his life can be a sugar daddy. As it usually takes some time to build a career that would allow for that, sugar daddies tend to be significantly older than their sugar babies. However, this is not a must.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby (SB) is a woman willing to or engaged in a relationship that is based in an exchange. She offers attention and company and he, money, mentoring and gifts. Most sugar babies are college students looking for financial support and someone who can offer them stability, mentoring and the possibility to travel the world for free.

Who can become a sugar baby?

Any woman above 18 years of age can become a sugar baby. Usually, an SB is much younger than her sugar daddy. However, this does not mean that only girls in their 20s can become an SB. There are sugar babies of every age.

To be a sugar baby, a woman must be self-confident, know her own value, have clear boundaries and know how to present herself in a favorable way. As sugar daddies are rich, well-educated people, it is important that an SB knows how to behave in highly formal social situations and in a sophisticated atmosphere like that of five-stars restaurants. Being a good listener and having an interesting personality also helps to make these interactions more pleasant for the sugar daddy.

Obviously, the appearance of an SB matters too. For this reason, it is important that she pays close attention to her eating and exercise habits. Moreover, she should know how to do her make-up and how to dress appropriately for every occasion.

To become a sugar baby is easy. All it takes is to sign up for our dating platform by following the steps described above! To set up the perfect profile that will attract dozens of successful sugar daddies, you should:

Then, you can either lay back and wait for the sugar daddies to come to you or send kisses and questions to sugar daddies whose profile you liked or who showed interest by visiting your profile.

You can find a sugar daddy absolutely for free by using our dating site and sending them requests to unlock you so that you can chat over text and video without having to leave or site or give them any private information like phone number, email address or full name.

What is a sugar relationship?

A sugar relationship (SR) is a relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. It is based on a mutually beneficial give and take. In it, the sugar daddy offers financial support, mentoring and gifts while the sugar baby offers her presence. It can, but must not, involve feelings and intimacy.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring refers to the act of being in or looking for an SR. It is the same as sugar dating.

What is the sugar bowl?

Many sugar babies use the term sugar bowl to refer to the totality of people who practice sugar dating; in other words, it is a general term for the totality of sugar daddies and sugar babies out there.

What are the advantages of becoming a sugar daddy?

There are dozens of benefits to becoming an SD. Here are the top five:

What are the advantages of becoming a sugar baby?

There are so many benefits to becoming an SB that we could spend hours talking about it. To save you time, here go the most important ones:

Why should I sign up for MySugarDaddy?

The main reasons why you should join the MySugarDaddy community the transparency and quality of the service we provide as well as our concern for your privacy. Here, you will be sure to find the right person from you. You will be able to pick from thousands upon thousands of real profiles, using our search function to search by location, distance range, age range, hobbies, preferences and much more.

We have a verification system in place to filter out fake profiles, scammers, sex workers and vulgar images. This way, we make sure our sugar dating community stays classy, safe and with only real profiles of real people.

We also have a support team that is there for you around the clock to solve any problem you might be having as soon as possible! You can easily reach us by sending us a brief e-mail describing your problem.

Our services are very transparent too. We state very clearly which functions are not free and how much they cost. You can either buy credits or a membership to use them.

And last but not least: we now have an app! Our sugar dating app for Android has been launched at the beginning of 2020 and our app for iOS will be launched soon too! With our dating app, you have the same functions of our dating site in a version for your smartphone that is just as easy to navigate!

So do not waste your time, sign up for MySugarDaddy today and find the perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby for you in no time! Thousands of people from around the US and many other South American and European countries are looking forward to meeting you!